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BW Booster Pad (Extra Absorption) – S & L

BW Booster Pad increases the absorbency of any protective underwear or incontinence diapers, provides an extra line of defense against leakage and gives you peace of mind. The BW Booster Pad is great for those that need an extra boost against heavy urination or to extend the use of a diaper with less need to change as often whether for day or night use

  • Flow Through Design (No plastic backing)
  • Extra Absorbency of 250-500cc fluid
  • Soft & Comfortable – suitable for all sensitive skin
  • Antibacterial pads to control odors
  • Discreet & Secure fit

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How does BW Booster Pad protect me from bladder leaks?
Our BW Booster Pad helps protect you from bladder leaks by turning the liquid into gel. Once the pad has reached its full capacity, excess liquid will flow through to the underlying disposable absorbent pull-up pants or taped diaper.

Can you use BW Booster Pad alone?
You should not wear booster pad on its own. It should be worn inside a disposable pull-up pants or taped diaper. Booster pads do not have a plastic backing so incontinence would leak onto your clothing. 

Who should be using BW Booster Pad?
Individuals with moderate to heavy bladder weakness who need extra absorbency to pull up pants or taped diaper.

How do you use or apply BW Booster Pad?
Remove the adhesive tape on the back of the BW Booster Pad and stick directly into a disposable absorbent pull-up pants or taped diaper. 

What sizes are BW Booster Pad available in?
BW Booster Pad comes in 2 sizes;
Size S: 4-11″ (9-29cm).   24 pcs/bag – (Absorption: 250cc of Fluids)
Size L: 6-18″ (15-46cm).  30 pcs/bag – (Absorption: 500cc of Fluids)



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