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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is BW Generation?

BW Generation is a company which provides caregivers with home delivery of competitively-priced adult diapers in Singapore and a complementary range of care giver products via hassle-free phone call or online orders.

Family members and caregivers can now buy Adult Diapers in Singapore online at the click of a button or by phone.

We take pride in our user-friendly and comfortable Singapore Adult Diaper range of BW Premium adult diapers, Ultra Absorbent adult diapers suitable for night use, BW Underpads, BW Pull Up Pants, BW Inserts, wet wipes, Cavilon Barrier Cream, gloves, face masks, Abbott nutritional products and other caregiver supplies.

2. Do you provide home delivery?

Yes, we offer home delivery: Monday to Friday, from 2pm to 6pm.

If delivery date proposed on the Invoice/Delivery order is not convenient. please contact our Customer Service to suggest an alternative time.

3. What are your delivery charges?  Min Spend for Free Delivery?

  • Minimum spend is $110 for  Free Delivery
  • Additional Charges will apply for ERP and Parking Charges
  • Additional Charges will apply for Sentosa Island delivery

4. Why Buy from BW Generation?  Buy with confidence

  1. buy with confidence, when you do not need the items we will allow return of goods at 50% of the price paid. See note 12 below
  2. Loyalty discounts, every purchase will earn loyalty points and vouchers, to be used for your next purchase
  3. Consistent Pricing we have not increased our prices of our own BW Brand, for the last 10 years! Hopefully we can continue this

5. Loyalty Points, How to Earn & Redeem?


  1. When you first sign up you will receive 30points.
  2. Earn points for all products purchased on BW Generation online store
  3. You earn points when you refer your friend and your friend successfully makes a purchase
  4. When you leave a Review for our Products, in our Website Trust Pilot or Facebook.


  1. Redemption = 10 points is equal to $1
  2. Points cannot be used in conjunction with Discounts Coupons and other offers
  3. Points can only be used to redeem to purchase BW Generation Branded Products

6. Can you do urgent deliveries?

Urgent deliveries can be made for minimum product orders of $50 or more.
A $26 charge applies for urgent deliveries. This applies to both online and phone call orders.

Extra Charges where applicable:

Customers may be liable for extra charges if…

  • an additional trip is made for delivery e.g. when customer is not able to receive the delivery at the mutually agreed time.
  • the wrong delivery address was provided
  • a trip is made for the collection of returned goods due to an order cancellation.

In cases where there is high demand or unexpected or special circumstances, products may sometimes be out of stock.

7. When can I expect my order to arrive?

Please allow for 2 working days for your order to be delivered. Orders received before 5pm on Mon‐Fri, and before 2pm on Sat, will be delivered within 2 working days.

Orders received after 5pm on Mon-Fri and after 2pm on Sat will be processed on the next working day.

Due to delivery route optimization, requests for delivery to occur at a specific time, will be noted but in case there is/are conflict(s) with route schedules for that day, we will not be able assist.

8. Where do you deliver to?

All deliveries are restricted to Mainland Singapore.

9. Can I request for samples of your products?

To request for samples please click the link below.

Request for samples here!

10. Can I return goods I purchased for my loved ones from BW Generation, if I dont need them anymore?

As a special service to our customers, BW Generation will buy back items purchased from BW
Generation at 50% of the purchased prices based on the last Delivery Order, in the event that your loved
one which the items were purchased for, passes away. Terms and conditions are as follows:

1) All Products must be in good condition and in the condition that they were sold to the customer in unopened cartons, cans etc.

2) This offer is ONLY for BW Branded Products, the total price that BW Generation purchases from the customer must not be below $50 in total (eg. total value of products to be returned purchased from BW Generation at $100. BW Purchases back from customer at 50%= $50)
a) not be below $50,
b) if purchased in cartons/bags, products will be in unopened cartons/bags.

3) Only items in the last order can be returned, and the last order must not be older than 60days from the date of return.

4) BW Generation constantly donates to needy institutions and will be happy to help assist you with any donation to your preferred institution.

5) In the case of item 1 and item 2 above, BW Generation will pick up the products at a cost of $12 for the pick up of the products from the customer.

6) The customer is aware that this is an extraordinary service for being a Customer of BW
Generation and agrees that BW Generation reserves the right to accept or reject to purchase any goods
at its own discretion, without the need to give any reason(s) or justification(s).

11. Refund and Exchange Policy

1) Defective or Damaged Products
Customer must inform BW Generation if the products are defective or damage within 3 days of receipt.

BW Generation will arrange for a replacement or exchange of the products defective or damage. No refunds will be given only exchange and replacement of goods.

Items that are defective and the damages is not caused by the customer will be replaced by BW Generation at no additional cost to the customer including free shipping.

2) Change their mind
No refunds will be given for change of mind.

3) Wrong Size
If the customer has ordered the wrong size, BW Generation will exchange the bags of products that we un opened, customer will be required to pay the difference in price if any.

Customer is required to pay for the shipping of the products to be exchanged.