BW UnderPads with Gel Absorbs 1000cc

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BW Absorbent UnderPads with SAP GelĀ 

  • Absorbs 1,000cc fluids
  • SAP Gel means = Stay Dry and Prevent Leaks
  • Absorbent Underpads Bed Liners,
  • 8 pcs per bag & 10pcs per bag,
  • Antibacteria Odor Reducing Control
  • Super Absorbent Polymer SAP, embossed netted channels for better absorption


BW UnderPad 60x90cm Size XL (Absorbent Gel: 1000cc)

Underpad Absorbent Size XL 60x90cm, Absorb 1000cc, Antibacterial Odor & Smell reducing,Extra Large Size to fit across bed and prevent leaks to the bed. Embossed netted channels design.

  • Size: 60x90cm
  • Quantity: 8 Pieces / Bag
  • Absorb 1000cc of Fluids
  • XL Size to prevent leaks to the bed
  • Antibacterial
  • Odor reducing
  • Embossed netted channels design

BW UnderPads Size L 45x70cm (Gel 1,000cc)

  • Absorbent Underpads Bed Liners,
  • Size 45x70cm (L)
  • 10pcs per bag,
  • Antibacteria Odor Control
  • Absorb 1000cc of fluids, antibacterial super absorbency polymer, odor reducing, embossed netted channels

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BW Underpad Size XL 60x90cm, BW Underpad Size L 45x70cm

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