BW UnderPad


Underpad Absorbent Size XXL 60x90cm, Absorb 1000cc, Antibacterial Odor & Smell reducing, Extra Extra Large Size to fit across bed and prevent leaks to the bed. Embossed netted channels design.

Size: 60x90cm
Quantity: 8 Pieces / Bag
Absorb 1000cc of Fluids
XXL Size to prevent leaks to the bed
Odor reducing
Embossed netted channels design

4 reviews for BW UnderPad

  1. Very good quality pad!
    The underpad are very quality and extra thick compare to other brand in the market. Good absorbency Good value for money!

  2. Great Underpad!
    My mom sleeps with confidence in the night! Reduce laundry bills dont have to keep washing the bedsheets & the mattress is dry and not smelly.

  3. Very versatile product range saves me lots of headaches!
    Thank you so much for introducing me to your great products. The heavy and light absorption pads save us a lot of nocturnal changes, and the comfort level for my mum is also better than that of other brands. My mum sleeps better at night, and so does my sis (caregiver)! Thanks!

  4. Home Delivery available, I just order by phone
    “I bought the diapers for my Grandmother who used BW Diapers until she was 105 years old. It is good price and high absorbency and no leakage. I like the re-sealable ‘stickers’ at the sides and the soft leg gathers. This is value for money product, I can’t get a premium adult diaper at this price anywhere else. On top of all these features they Home Deliver and I can order just by phone from anywhere even when I am on business trip and they deliver to the home of my grandmother, great service!”

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