BW Insert Pads


Unisex Incontinence Pads

22 Pieces / Bag
Anti-bacterial pads
Absorb 1000cc fluids
Adhesive tapes to secure to underwear
Economical, discreet & effective
Unique Stay Dry gathers prevent leaks

3 reviews for BW Insert Pads

  1. A service that working professionals will appreciate

    Overall customer experience is pleasant. Prompt response time and flexible in making arrangement whether with purchase orders or delivery. Timely delivery as well. Most liked is the mode of order. Can call, Whatsapp, SMS or standing order. Flexible to accommodate and cater to customer convenience which important to working professionals. Always offering recommendations and solutions to customers. Reliable services as well. And staff too.

  2. Excellent Alternative!

    Staff give good advice and its an excellent alternative brand of diapers, with better quality. No rashes or itchy.

  3. Great Alternatives!

    Was introduce to this product to supplement the pullup and it was a great alternative to make the diaper last longer. Dont have to make a full diaper change just take out the insert. Great idea!

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