BW (Bottom Wrappers) Generation supplies a complete suite of Elder Care products for CareGivers to care for their loved ones at home. BW Generation Singapore Brand, a Product of Singapore.

Buy direct from the manufacturer, BW Generation, to enjoy:

  • Free delivery: We deliver to your doorstep free of charge (minimum order required) – no need to lug bulky and heavy items yourself
  • Guaranteed stocks: Supermarkets and pharmacies usually run out of stock or don’t replenish stocks often
  • Affordable prices: Do you really have the time to monitor for store deals and rush for the best deals. When you become a subscriber of BW Generation you get guaranteed discounts

For the CareGiver, we provide a complete suite of Adult Incontinence and Abbot Adult Nutrition products delivered to your door step free of charge (please check conditions). Our CareGiver customers are so confident that they place “Standing Monthly Orders” with BW Generation.

Join Millions of our customers in Singapore, Australia and other countries who use our products daily and have been doing so for many years.

Our Products

BWGen ProductsBW Generation has a range of Adult Incontinence Products for different situations:

  • Active Ageing Adults: who are mobile and need security and confidence.
  • Budget Conscious: who want value for money, good quality diapers that require less changes.
  • Night Diapers: So that CareGivers and loved ones can get more rest at night with less disruptive diaper changes in the night. Ultra absorbent breathable diapers designed for long use, combined with booster pads, meant for overnight use.
  • Busy Working CareGivers: More rest at night ready for the demands of work tomorrow, no time to shop for Diapers etc,

ElderCare supplies to your doorstep, BW Premium Adult Diapers, BW Ultra Absorbent Night Adult Diapers, BW PullUp Pants Diapers, Underpads & BedLiners, Inserts Pads, Booster Pads, Wet Wipes, Masks, Gloves, 3M Cavilon Cream.

For Adult Nutrition: Abbott Laboratories, Ensure Life , Ensure Nutrivigor, Ensure ActM2, Glucerna, Ensure Liquid, Ensure Plus.

Top quality 3M Cavilon Barrier cream combined with top quality diapers for protection and prevention of painful rashes and bed/pressure sores.

Company Philosophy

At BW Generation, we recognize the value that the older generation has contributed to us as individuals, and society as a whole.

We therefore want to provide them with the best and give back to them. It is the honour and privilege of the younger generation to care for the older generation to achieve One Generation Caring for Another.

We honour and care for them with top high quality, yet affordable incontinence care and nutritional products.

Our Company is founded by CareGivers for CareGivers. We understand that you are busy and stressed and need a regular and convenient supply of essential incontinence care and nutritional products delivered to your door step. We are proudly Singaporean, BW Generation, One Generation Caring for Another.



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