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BW Premium Day Adult Diaper (Day Use) – M & L

BW PREMIUM DAY DIAPER is a breathable adult tape diapers suitable for everyday use. High absorbency up to 2000ml, and breathable cloth-like material allows for rapid absorption leading you dry, clean and comfortable all day long.

  • Breathable cloth-like material
  • Gentle to Elderly Skin, for Skin Wellness
  • High Absorbency 1800-2000cc
  • Refastenable tapes,
  • Odor & Smell control
  • Absorbent polymer layers fast absorption,
  • Inner-leg standing gathers,
  • Exclusive wetness indicator

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BW Premium Day Adult Diapers (Breathable)

Size M
Medium Size (10 pcs per pack)
Fits waist 28″- 48″ (71cm – 122cm)
Absorption: 1800cc of Fluids
8 bags x 10pcs per bag per carton

Size L
Large Size (10 pcs per pack)
Fits waist 34″- 58″ (86cm-147cm)
Absorption: 2000cc of Fluids
8 bags x 10pcs per bag per carton


16 reviews for BW Premium Day Adult Diaper (Day Use) – M & L

  1. Val

    Hi is this sell singapore, cos we are looking for 1 that can absorb during night for mum who just got her kneel ops

  2. P.Tan

    Affordable price and good quality!
    We find the diaper very affordable and good quality.

  3. Kathleen T.

    Home delivery so convenient
    Very good customer service! Never run out of stock. Not smelly at home and is peaceful, no smells, no soiling everybody is happier at home.

  4. Jessica

    Good Quality diapers
    Best Price and stable pricing! Happy & Peace at home, no bad smells and stains. Friendly & Expert staff

  5. Joyce

    Good Quality & Best Price!
    We find the diapers comfortable, nice smelling and value for money

  6. Francis Ho

    Grandma used these adult diapers until she was 105
    “I bought the diapers for my Grandmother who used BW Diapers until she was 105 years old. It is good price and high absorbency and no leakage. I like the re-sealable ‘stickers’ at the sides and the soft leg gathers. This is value for money product, I can’t get a premium adult diaper at this price anywhere else. On top of all these features they Home Deliver and I can order just by phone from anywhere even when I am on business trip and they deliver to the home of my grandmother, great service!”

  7. Ryan Chou

    This diaper is what I want
    Very good quality.

  8. Lai Mei

    Our Domestic Helper who took care of my Grandma, noticed that this diaper is very absorbent.

  9. Francis Ho

    Value for Money Product
    This is value for money product, I can’t get a premium adult diaper at this price anywhere else.

  10. Aneetha Vine

    Gives me confidence
    “Gives me freedom & confidence.”-Aneetha Vine, family caregiver & customer for home delivery of adult diapers.

  11. Gene Magno

    Good skin quality
    I take care GongGong. There is no problem when I use this diaper that my employer gave me. His skin is very good. No rashes.

  12. Humphrey Tan

    Popo Used This Until Age 98
    My Popo (grandmother) used this diaper until she was 98.

  13. Ivan Ong

    Value Deal
    Been using other brands like Teana etc until I came across BW. They provide a viable alternative in that the product was just as good with slightly lower cost. Free delivery if minimum orders are met..very friendly staff incl the delivery people too. A timely reminder to renew orders is certainly useful in case I forgot to check my current stock.

  14. Aneetha Vine

    Comfortable and Reliable
    Fantastic Product, affordable price, super money saver, very comfortable and totally reliable.

  15. Susan K.

    Home delivery so convenient
    Never run out of stock with home delivery! Good Quality product, no rashes or itchy. Best price plus home delivery so comvenient.

  16. MM Tan

    Day Diaper – BW Generation Premium Diapers
    After switching from other brand to BW Generation Adult Diapers, my FIL no longer have any leakage and the odour of urine smell has also been reduced. It is worth ordering the samples online to try it!

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