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The 4 Most Important Factors in Choosing an Adult Diaper

October 17, 2022

When it comes to choosing the right adult diaper, we suggest looking at the following key factors:

  • Odour Control and Antibacterial Properties
  • Absorbency
  • Sizes Available & Adjustability
  • Materials & Overall Comfort

Odour control and Antibacterial Properties

Without proper absorbance and bacterial control, not only can unpleasant odours escape but there is a greater risk of infection or skin problems. Look for products with antibacterial technology. All BW Generation diapers are made using antibacterial materials. Other brands may use descriptions such as ‘odour control’, ‘moisture sealing’ or ‘pH neutralising’.


It is important to find a product that is comfortable to wear but also has the right level of absorbent power. This may depend on when the diaper is needed. For example, if night-time incontinence is a factor, a more absorbent diaper may be beneficial. Generally speaking, the greater the absorbance, the better.

Make sure the diaper is designed for the type of incontinence being experienced, whether bladder, bowel, or both. You want to make sure any liquid is completely wicked up to lower infection risk, especially when the diaper is used over longer periods (i.e. does the diaper still keep the wearer as dry in the first hour of use as in the last hour of use?).

Additionally, diapers designed for night use typically feature increased absorbency, reducing night time disturbance and the need for movement, which decreases the risk of falling. 

Sizes Available & Adjustability

Manufacturers have different sizing guidelines, which can be confusing at first. Be sure to look carefully at the sizing information in order to get the best fit for your loved one. A poorly fitting diaper can leak, cause rashes or even increase the risk of infection, not to mention be uncomfortable for your loved one to wear.

Materials & Overall Comfort

You may need to try a couple of options before you find a diaper that is comfortable and breathable. Most diapers use either cloth or plastic to back the absorbent materials.  Different materials have different properties like breathability, hypoallergenicity and comfort. 

For example, all BW Generation products use a breathable non-woven cloth-like material which is gentle to skin. Whilst plastic-backed products are typically more absorbent, they are usually less comfortable and also don’t allow air to flow which can increase the risk of skin irritation or even infection.

Some adult diapers, such as the BW Ultra Absorbent Diapers and BW Premium Adult Diapers also contain wetness indicators which can help you ensure your loved one stays dry and comfortable.