As Singaporeans return to workplaces or social activities with the gradual re-opening after circuit breaker, the risk of transmission will increase. Everyone needs to play their part to keep Singapore COVID-safe.

How do I minimise the risk of transmission?

Here are some steps to remember:

For individuals and families

  • Maintain overall cleanliness and hygiene
  • Wear a mask outside
  • Avoid sharing food and crockery. Clear used trays and crockery after meals if dining out
  • Stay home if you fall ill
  • Practise safe-distancing, avoid crowded areas and minimise time spent outside
  • Pay special attention to seniors and other vulnerable groups
  • Facilitate contact tracing efforts by downloading TraceTogether, and using SafeEntry wherever it is used

At work

  • Employers to implement a safe-management system:
    • Work-from-home arrangements, staggered working hours, split team arrangements
    • Regular disinfection of common touch points
  • Avoid physical meetings
  • Employers to monitor employee’s health and have evacuation plans in the event of a confirmed case
  • Avoid gathering in groups during meals and break times
  • Avoid planning events that could draw large numbers of employees

At school

  • Students to remain in their respective classes and avoid mingling with students from other classes, including during recess and break times
  • Students should head home after school and school-related activities

For seniors


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