As a special service to our customers, BW Generation will buy back items purchased from BW
Generation at 50% of the purchased prices based on the last Delivery Order, in the event that your loved
one which the items were purchased for, passes away. Terms and conditions are as follows:

1) All Products MUST be in good condition and in the condition that they were sold to the customer in unopened cartons, cans etc.

2) This offer is ONLY for BW Branded Products, the total price that BW Generation purchases from the customer must not be below $50 in total (eg. total value of products to be returned purchased from BW Generation at $100. BW Purchases back from customer at 50%= $50)
a) not be below $50,
b) if purchased in cartons/bags, products will be in unopened cartons/bags.

3) Only items in the last order can be returned, and the last order must not be older than 60days from the date of return.

4) BW Generation constantly donates to needy institutions and will be happy to help assist you with any donation to your preferred institution.

5) In the case of item 1 and item 2 above, BW Generation will pick up the products at a cost of $12 for the pick up of the products from the customer.

6) The customer is aware that this is an extraordinary service for being a Customer of BW
Generation and agrees that BW Generation reserves the right to accept or reject to purchase any goods
at its own discretion, without the need to give any reason(s) or justification(s).