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Nestle Resource – ThickenUp Clear (Thickener, 125g)


Nestle Resource ThickenUp Clear is designed specifically for the dietary management of patients with swallowing difficulties:

  • Improves swallowing safety without compromising efficacy
  • Easy to use – thickens and stabilises rapidly, remains clear and lump free over time
  • Keeps natural flavour and aroma of food and drinks
  • Can be used in hot, cold or fizzy liquids including tea, coffee, sparkling water and cola
  • Amylase resistant and demonstrates good GI tolerance
  • Can be used in patient’s favourite recipes such as roast dinner and fish pie
  • Safer and more effective compared to starch-based thickeners

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Resource ThickenUp Clear is suitable for those experiencing swallowing difficulties due to conditions including stroke, Parkinson’s disease and multiple neurological disorders.
Dysphagia is a medical condition which describes the difficulty in swallowing solids or liquids




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