MOM Ministry of Manpower First Aid Box for 25-100 People Box A, B, C


MOM First Aid Box

MOM First Aid Box that’s compliant with the Ministry of Manpower’s Guidelines for 25-100 People, as follows:

  1. Complete box A : ≦ 25 people
  2. Complete box B : ≦ 50 people
  3. Complete box C : ≦ 100 people

Approximate dimensions :

  1. Box A : 32.5cm (length) X 27.5cm (height) X 11cm (depth).
  2. Box B : 32.5cm (length) X 27.5cm (height) X 11cm (depth)
  3. Box C : 40cm (length) X 30.5cm (height) X 12cm (depth).

Suitable for any organization:

  • Companies, Factories, Warehouses
  • Day Cares Elderly, Children, Kids Nursery



Additional information


MOM Box A for 25 People (incl Box), MOM Box B for 50 People (incl. Box, MOM Box C for 100 People (incl. Box