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BW PullUp Pants Adult Diaper


Breathable like cloth, Gentle to Skin, Anti-bacterial for maximum odor/smell control, enhanced hygiene. Soft stretchable elastic band for superior fit, comfort and confidence, Super soft elastic gathers
Clever underwear design for discreet, stylish and dignified look. Quality super absorbent polymers with inner leg guards for leakage protection. Absorb 1000-1300 cc


6 reviews for BW PullUp Pants Adult Diaper

  1. Confident to go out with!
    I am happy to go out and no fear of leak! Fragrant smell, thin and cooling, quite comfortable.

  2. Change my life
    Used to fear going out due to my incontinence problem. Now after using pullup, I am more confident to step out of the house, and enjoy better quality of life

  3. Ease of Mind Now that Mum is on Pull Ups
    My mum used to rush to the toilet. We’d worry that she’d fall. Now that she is on Pull Ups, she walks slowly to the toilet.

  4. I wear it everyday
    I wear BW Generation’s Pull Up Pants everyday. -Mdm Chan, 70+

  5. Dad is more happier to go out!
    Dad is much happier to go out and the family is happier too! and it is not smelly

  6. Good pullup pants!
    My mom like the pullup at lot and like the feel of the material, that feels like cloth. She finds it comfortable and easy to wear.

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