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BW Personalized Supplements – MicroTabs
(Please click on the link to answer the questionnaire (if available, submit your latest blood test results – not more than 6mths old) in order to be able to able develop your personalized supplements. )
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BW Personalized Supplements – MicroTabs
The intelligent supplement solution is a revolutionary German technology with worldwide patent that compresses multiple separate supplements into a single personalized blend according to your body’s needs.
In order to feel the full effects and to be able to identify the benefits of the personalized formulated supplements.  It is recommended that you order a 3 month supply and subsequently you can order your personalized formulation on a monthly basis.
With BW MicroTabs, all the essential nutrients you need are scientifically “shrank” into micro-sized tablets that are easily consumed with the mini-spoon provided, ideal the elderly.
Combining nature and science, unique BW MicroTabs ingredients blocks are created by combining bioactive vitamins, minerals and amino acids with high-efficacy herbal extractions that work together in optimal ratios to yield maximum benefits.
All BW MicroTabs blends are free from artificial flavourings and colourings, preservatives, lactose and gluten.

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BW Personalized Supplements

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