China has confiscated over 89 million poor-quality face masks, a government official said yesterday, as Beijing faces a slew of complaiabout faulty protective gear exported worldwide.

Demand for protective equipment has soared as nations across the globe battle the deadly coronavirus, which has infected around 2.9 million people.

But a number of countries have complained about faulty masks and other products exported by China, mostly for use by medical workers and vulnerable groups.

As of Friday, China’s market regulators had inspected nearly 16 million businesses and seized over 89 million masks and 418,000 pieces of protective gear, said Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of Market Regulation.

Regulators had also seized ineffective disinfectants worth over 7.6 million yuan (HK$8.31 million), she said.

It is unclear how much of the confiscated goods were destined for markets abroad.

China released new rules Saturday saying even non-medical masks must meet both national and international quality standards. Exporters must also file a written declaration that their medical products meet the safety requirements of the destination country, the ministry of commerce said.

The tighter rules come after several countries including Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey were forced to recall hundreds of thousands of masks and pieces of protective gear imported from China. The Canadian government last week said that about one million face masks purchased from China failed to meet proper standards for healthcare professionals.

Extracted from The Standard HK