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Hi BW Friends, due to extreme demand. *ALL Bactishield Handrub, Handwash  are Sold Out* we’re so sorry you have to cancel your order.  FYI, *BW Hand Sanitizer is avail after 10Feb*.  We’re taking orders now, *click below if you like to place a back order to reserve*.

*ALL Earloop Masks are Sold Out*, our suppliers don’t know when the next stocks are coming. We are sorting out *your order of Tie On Mask and BW Sanitizers*, please be patient & also check your sms.  Thank you


About BW Generation

At BW Generation, we recognize the value that the older generation has contributed to us as individuals, and society as a whole.

As such, we want to provide them with the best. We want to give back to them. It is the honor and privilege of the younger generation to care for the older generation. We honor and care for them with top high quality, yet affordable incontinence care and nutritional products.

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